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First Post

2010 January 8
by Gayle

Well, here we go, the Obligatory First Post of a New Blog.
It seems to be something one has to do when starting a blog… explain who you are and what the point is before getting down to it.

So, hi, InterWebz. I’m Gayle. My fiance and I live in suburban Washington DC in a lovely circa 1950s house with a lovely circa 1950s kitchen filled with lovely vintage fixtures — which is about the size of a postage stamp. It is in some ways a vast improvement over the galley kitchen I left behind in my studio apartment on Capitol Hill (aesthetics; full-sized ‘fridge, range and oven; &c.) and in other ways, not so much (counter space; 50-year-old pipes and wiring; &c.).

The challenges of a small kitchen have not deterred me from my continuing culinary adventures, whether cooking for two or throwing dinner parties. While I’m working through them, I thought I would share my successes (and failures!) with friends, strangers and anyone else cooking on a small scale.

So there you are, Obligatory First Post complete. On with the show…

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