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Climbing the walls

2010 January 21
by Gayle
The strangest thing about our tiny kitchen — to me, anyway — is the fact that the rest of the house is of fairly normal proportions (for a circa 1950s suburban duplex): two good-sized bedrooms, spacious living room/dining room combo, normal bathroom, plenty of closet space, huge finished basement.
But then there’s this wee kitchen.
Given the storage options in the rest of the house, there was some initial inclination to store kitchen things Not In the Kitchenette. But I just couldn’t do it. First, and most importantly, I like to have things close at hand when I’m cooking. Especially if I have to improvise.
Also, I tend to put things in “really safe” or “really sensible” places. That means I promptly forget where they are or even that I own them in the first place, go out and buy a new whatever-it-was and end up making room for it in the kitchen, where it belonged in the first place.
I think the original owners felt the same way — at least about having all cooking gear near where the actual cooking happens. Somewhere along the way, they solved their storage problems with a glorious peg on the wall that goes from the kitchen down the basement steps.
We were really lucky this was already installed, and with all the hooks and holders one could possibly desire (I am still not sure those racks above the peg board I use to hold lids are actually for lid-holding, but it works just fine). Not only does going up the walls solve lack-of-cabinet issues for your pots, pans and lids, you know at a glance what you have, if it’s clean, if it’s going to work for a recipe you’re about to make. And if you’re allowed to buy any new cookware, heh.
Go vertical! A pot rack hanging from the ceiling isn’t practical for The Kitchenette (it might never be, with a 6’4″ fiancĂ©), but it might work for you. Peg boards and hooks like ours are available at any hardware or big box-type home improvement stores for surprisingly cheap and they’re extremely versatile (don’t be put off by the fact that they may be in the “garage organization” section). Even in a rental situation, what’s a few more holes in the wall compared to having to keep your sautĂ© pan in the coat closet? Plus the next tenant will probably thank you if you decide to leave your storage solution behind.
Even though I have a lovely block for my expensive German knives, it might be time for me to take my own advice and score some manner of magnetic knife holder for The Kitchenette… hmm…
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  1. Elijah permalink
    January 21, 2010

    Really, Gayle? You're going to link to Home Depot? We've been friends now for, what, 15 years? I can only assume you used a Home Depot link, instead of a Lowe's link, so that my stock will go down and I'll lose my job and have to move to DC to be a houseman for you and that tall kid who follows you about. I wonder how Angie will feel about this…

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