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2010 January 25
by Gayle

There is one rather basic rule of small spaces that has made a world of difference in The Kitchenette: nest it. If it doesn’t fit inside something else or stack easily with like objects, it pretty much doesn’t get to live in our kitchen. It can be a hard rule to force yourself to follow, though.

I’m a pretty lucky girl to be marrying a guy who had just as much Pyrex as me when we moved in together. And luckier still that all that stuff is designed to fit inside each other. The pieces that didn’t (or ones of which we had beyond-reasonable numbers of duplicates) were given away. Some of the stuff had to be pried out of my hands, but these are the trials of the small kitchen. Be realistic about how many of something you actually need. Already having two (or three, or four) isn’t reason enough to keep all of them, whatever “them” might be. Better to suck it up and give six away to people who need them rather than have seven pizza pans all fall on your head every time you open that one cabinet.

We still have a few multiples of various casserole dishes, as one must assume even in The Kitchenette that someday one might not get one’s dish back from a potluck in a timely fashion (or at all!) or that one might want to marinate more than one thing at a time. Since they nest, it’s not that big a deal. Ditto for the stack of wee prep dishes in the cabinet. They also make the mis en place easier — totally clutch when you are working with very little zero counter space.

But that second two-cup Pyrex measuring cup? Nope. They didn’t fit inside each other. Multiple sets of mismatched mixing bowls? Gone and gone. Even stuff in The Kitchenette’s (sadly shallow) Gadget Drawer has to snuggle up and nest.

And don’t forget, just because there is room for something doesn’t mean it should stay. Sure, all four of my 9×9 pans nested into a neat little pile. Could I tell you the last time I used more than two at a time? I know exactly when: never. Could I tell you why I had four of the damn things to begin with? No way. So, bye bye, half my metal cake pans. I don’t actually bake that much, anyway.

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