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Pink and Red Nightmare

2010 February 13
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by Gayle

First of all, thanks for being here. The Kitchenette had a bit of a rough week, sorting through some pretty big technical changes — some planned and some not. But here we are, with a new address, a new look (that continues to need tweaking) and some other new behind-the-scenes stuff we’re still learning how to do (or at least who to call when I break it).

Unfortunately, the week of technological transition meant more time was spent dealing with that junk than posting. Part of my plan for this blog is to focus on recipes for two, and now that the great pink and red nightmare that is Valentine’s Day is upon us, I have no hand-picked lovey-dovey cooking-for-two multi-course meal posts to help you out.

The plan is to have a year’s worth of excellent choices indexed for you and your valentine next time around, among other things. In the mean time, I thought I would do a quick Web round up of romantic recipes for two to get you through this year.

And wow, was I wrong about how easy that would be.

My usual disappointment in the ability of big-name chefs and commercial cooking sites to provide a simple recipe for fewer than four people escalated to actually getting angry. I clicked on site after site offering up alleged romantic menus for two, only to find out the recipes actually serve four or in two cases, six or eight. Give me a break!

It’s bad enough that Cupid-themed recipes are overcomplicated and chock full of over-priced ingredients and, but I guess most people are feeling the pressure to impress their loved one (or would-be loved one). But no one wants to eat the same leftovers for three days straight. Or worse, have them rot forgotten in the back of the ‘fridge! I don’t even know what we’re doing for V-Day this year (this one was for Future Mr. Kitchenette to handle), but I can tell you it won’t involve making an entire freaking rack of lamb and a flourless chocolate torte (serves 8!) for just the two of us.

Pairs — couples just starting out (or with wee ones), roommates, platonic pals, empty-nesters, anyone whose family numbers two for whatever reason — deserve to have homemade meals that do not require working with unreasonable amounts of food, wallowing in leftovers or worse, trying to cut down a recipe only to have it turn out gross. And that shouldn’t mean it’s stir-fry night every night! It is perfectly possible to have romantic, restaurant-quality meals at home without cooking for an army. I’m going to prove it to you. And you don’t need a commercial kitchen to make it happen, either!

So I got a little ranty, and I’m not even part of the solution at the moment. Sorry you’re on your own with what’s already up so far, but it’s just for now. I promise to do better for you in the future, Dear Readers. Thanks for hanging in there so far. If you’re bothering to read this and there’s something you’d like to see here, questions you’d like answered on cooking with no counter space, storage issues or recipes “just” for two, fire away.

For us, for now, I guess there’s always heart-shaped cakes for two… at least there will sprinkles (thanks, Mom).

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  1. December 25, 2015

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