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Foiled Again (?)

2010 February 19
by Gayle

Of the many nifty space-saving devices that came already installed in The Kitchenette, this one has mystified me since the day we moved in.

It’s mounted neatly on the side of a cabinet and has clear signs of use, including a large-but-taped-up crack and extensive scuff marks and speckles, like something has been rubbed into the plastic in some places. It’s open on top and all the way through the middle, which makes me think something should be dropped in the top and then come out those front slots.

But what?
Aluminum foil?
Probably not.
I have yet to figure out how the box or even just a naked standard-sized roll would fit for actual dispensing.

Plus, one of the few drawers we do have in The Kitchenette seems to be built for housing assorted wraps and foils.
After months of alternately pondering it and ignoring the thing, I have taken matters into my own hands and made it official: The Odd Plastic Dispenser is now the proud holder of The Kitchenette’s plastic baggies. No more will they jam up the Foil and Wrap Drawer, stacked on top of each other, taking up too much space and frequently preventing the drawer from opening.

The freshly ordained Baggie Holder is just a bit above eye level for my short self, so it’s out of the way but at the same time low enough that the stockpile is easily assessed — no running out of one size and being caught by surprise. This is especially handy for hiking/backpacking/paddling adventures, for which better than half of everything we haul with us ends up in a baggie.

Even though it has a purpose now, I am still wondering what it’s really for, what rubbed those greiysh-bluish marks and speckles into it. What’s your guess? Can you tell me what this thing is really meant to be holding, Dear Readers?

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  1. Kathy Oxford permalink
    February 19, 2010

    Your plastic thing was probably meant to hold plasticware (aka Tupperware.) Tops on the sides, etc. to keep things organized and at your fingertips. That way you won’t have a drawer full of containers with lids that don’t fit so that you just slam the drawer shut and grab a garbage bag!


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