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Time and Time Again

2010 March 26
by Gayle

I’ve been hooked on magnetic timers for a while, starting with this little digital Ikea baby I think I got for a dollar or something.

It hung with me for a long time before giving up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. We’re talking years. Not bad for a buck.

And then along came this beauty.

Easy to use (as long as you follow the directions). And dig that retro styling — retro kitchens call for retro widgets and details! It ticks and rings like a real bell and everything, all without batteries. I went with green to bring out the lovely (asbestos?) tile floor, but it comes in a variety of colors from a couple different manufacturers.

I have even taken to carrying it around the house with me or sticking it on the fence or metal shed in the yard when I’m outside, as defense against my total lack of sense of time.

It’s metal and therefore a little on the heavy side as far as magnetic timers go, but the ultra-strong magnet keeps it in place on most surfaces. Rather than digging through a drawer when you need it or parking it on the counter even when you don’t really have the space, track yourself down a pretty magnetic timer and plaster to the front of the ‘fridge. As an added bonus, it holds up whatever recipe you’re using.

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