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I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

2010 March 30
by Gayle

And every night, in fact. For a few days anyway.

Even though I gave the Internets a chance to boss me around last week, not many people took me up on it and told me what to make for dinner in the wake of The Great Flood. There was one person who made a suggestion that got the wheels turning, though (yeah, it would be my mother, The Kitchenette Mom. Go fig.): grocery store rotisserie chicken.

You heard me.

I used to think of it as something reserved only for People Who Do Not Cook. But it’s also for The Busy, Those Contending With Disasters, People in the Middle of Moving and a wide assortment of others. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought about all the recipes in my arsenal that call for “xx cups of cooked chicken.” Why do I cook something only to have to to cook something again? Hmmm…

So a plan was hatched. A plan-cum-challenge, really. We have here, in The Kitchenette, two people, one rotisserie chicken and five days of the week. I’m going to try to make tasty dinners (and maybe even a couple lunches) with the pre-cooked chicken and some obvious and not-so-obvious ingredients on hand. We’ll see how long we can stretch it and how good a meal I can turn out basically using leftovers. Are you up for it?

Day 1 of the Chicken Challenge was just Boston Market rotisserie chicken and side dishes (damn, I love side dishes). Apparently, grocery stores around here only have chickens available at certain times and we missed the cut off. Repeatedly. But at least the basement is back to normal.

Stay tuned for more adventures in chicken…

For some reason, Boston Market dismembers your chicken for you when you order a whole one.

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  1. Christy Canida permalink
    June 20, 2011

    But dismembering chicken is the best part! I shall be certain to avoid Boston Market.

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