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My Other Mister

2012 February 8

Perhaps the longest relationship I have ever had, outside of my family of origin, has been in the kitchen.

Mr. Kitchenette knows about him. In fact, my husband and my other mister have become good friends.

Mr. Coffee and I have been together since college. Actually, the summer before college, when I was collecting all the things I would take with me to my postage stamp of a temporary home in Wright Hall at Kent State University.

He’s compact, spending the first years we were together parked on top of the combination mini-fridge/microwave (and damn, that was a great “microfridge,” too. With a real freezer, even.). His four-cup capacity continues to keep me from drinking eight to 12 cups of coffee a day, which I would probably do if they were there. He’s easy to clean — even easier now that we have a dishwasher — doesn’t take up too much space and still makes a consistently good cup of coffee year after year.

But what we really should do (ah, another one from the files of Do As I Say, Not As I Do, Dear Readers) is get rid of Mr. Coffee, dear as he is, and switch to the French Press. So much smaller. Doesn’t require electricity. Very good at making coffee. Sigh.

I see him up there, the French press, every time I open a certain cabinet. He’s in the back and forlorn. Sometimes I really think about getting him down, swapping him out with Mr. Coffee. It would be even easier now, with our burr grinder and its multitude of grind options. But there are mornings where I just can’t boil water. All that waiting. And pouring. Sometimes, in the morning, one needs total, instant gratification. So far though, total, instant gratification has outweighed my desire to save space and set a good small-kitchen example to kitchenette-teers everywhere. Plus, Mr. Coffee and I have been through so much together.

But wait.

Oh! It gets worse.

I am so ashamed.

On top of continuing to house Mr. Coffee on the counter and Monsieur French Press in the cabinet, I am also guilty of taking up counter space with an espresso machine. It is compact (and reconditioned! Never pay retail!), as espresso machines go, but it is what it is: a space sucker. A beautiful, caffeine-creating, stainless steel space sucker.

Signore Espresso couldn’t be farther from total, instant gratification. But on freezing cold days, it’s closer to total instant gratification than hiking to a neighborhood coffee shop. Which also means while not a space saver, Signore is a money-saver. Plus, in the time we have known each other, Mr. Kitchenette has gone from not really being much of a coffee drinker to a total addict who pulls an awesome shot.

So for now, we are all co-existing, me, Mr. Kitchenette, Mr. Coffee, Monsieur French Press and Signore Espresso (plus the grinder which, while awesome, takes up as much — if not more! — counter space as Mr. Coffee!).

Do As I Say, Not As I Do, Dear Readers. And if you know of a good home for a forlorn-looking French press, do drop me a line.

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