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Stupid Cupid

2012 February 14
by Gayle

So, as I have said before, Valentine’s Day and I are not really friends. We don’t have the best history, Valentine’s Day and I. It hasn’t been anyone’s fault, it’s just always something… a work trip to India, a high school academic competition, a snow storm, a husband with a work commitment at a odd time on an unfortunate day. I know I’m not alone; it’s a day of overly high expectations, which frequently lead to let-downs– in the kitchen and otherwise. Maybe next year I’ll have a snazzy menu-for-two here for you, but that’s not in the cards today. Plus, I think any for-two recipe here is V-Day worthy; just make it with love.

Instead of an elaborate menu with hard-to-find ingredients and stressful preparations I have for you a “wordless post” detailing our adventures with a cupcake-in-a-cup kit a few days ago, courtesy of The Kitchenette Mom (I don’t know where she finds these things….). I had never heard of these before my bridal shower, when I was given no less than four recipes for chocolate cake to be made in a coffee mug, in the microwave. Maybe, if you’re very sweet, I’ll post my own variation next week. But for now, enjoy (mouse over for captions; click to enlarge)….




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  1. Barbara Putrich permalink
    February 21, 2012

    Glad to see the Red Velvet Cake in a Cup worked out. Looks yummy! And you wind up with two coffee cups. Where do I find this stuff? If I tell you, I won’t be able to surprise you anymore.

    Kitchenette Mom

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