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April in Paris

2012 April 3
by Gayle

I don’t know what it is about springtime, but it always makes me want to eat French bistro food outside. Maybe it’s because Count Basie has been been telling me for years that April in Paris is the place to be. Maybe it’s because spring vegetables are coming but it’s still cool enough to eat them with roasted meats. Maybe it’s because once it’s warm enough to be outside (and the mosquito haven’t invaded yet) I want to eat outside, too, with a side dish of people-watching, a la Paris cafes. Or maybe it’s just because that much butter and cheese taste even better with sunshine and fresh air.

Whatever the reason for the fascination, I haven’t the time or the funds to grab Mr. Kitchenette and hop a flight to France for a month, so I’m bringing Paris to The Kitchenette this April instead.

Come along and indulge with us! This month we’ll have champagne cocktails, make some food that feels fancy but won’t keep you in the kitchen forever and of course put together a couple of desserts. I’ll even (try to) throw together a couple of playlists — something peppy and poppy to cook by and, of course, the Count and some others to eat by.

Check back around cocktail hour for a drink to get you in the mood.

These tunes will help you along the way, too.

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  1. April 5, 2012

    I love this idea. It is brilliant.

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