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Stupid Plastic Thingy

2012 September 20

It’s no secret among my fellow journalists that I am not the greatest headline writer. But those three words are all I can think of. Dinner making has come to a screeching halt all because of one

stupid plastic thingy


How did this even happen? In a small kitchen, where yes, I know I probably have too many electric appliances to begin with but come on most of them are either small, multi-taskers or both, how did I a) become so reliant on kitchen appliances that I can’t make any of the five things I’ve come up with for dinner without this stupid plastic thingy, b) get myself into a situation where this stupid plastic thingy cannot be replaced and c) somehow go from feeling clever and pleased that Mr. Kitchenette had an awesome three-in-one appliance before I even met him to hanging my head that I can’t make dinner without a food processor and d) could have possibly gone so quickly from having a food processor, blender and shredder without having to actually store all three to having no food processor, no shredder and a blender that leaks out its bottom?

So no gazpacho for me tonight. Or pie crust. Or shredded cheese for Taco Night. Or…. or…. or…

Ugh. Stupid plastic thingy.

This is not the original stupid plastic thingy. That one was damaged in an unfortunate garbage disposal incident. This is the replacement stupid plastic thingy, which was $2 on the Cuisinart Web site even though shipping was $7 (!) and the damn thing doesn’t fit anyway.

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