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The Lovebirds

2012 October 2
by Gayle

It was two years ago today that Mr. Kitchenette went from being Mr. Future Kitchenette to Mr. Kitchenette, from fiance to husband, from getting married to Actually Married (happy anniversary, love!).

One of the highlights — aside from marrying my best friend and favorite person on the planet and having so many of the people we both love all in one place — was the food and drink.

Okay, especially the drinks.

Rather than go through the hassle, confusion and potentially wasted money of a full bar, we served beer (a seasonal, a favorite and a light beer), wine (one red and one white, both from Virginia wineries, and one bubbly) and a specialty cocktail. We told our amazing caterer, Oliver Friendly, that we’d like to do something warm, something with spiced cider (so the kids and non-drinkers could get in on it a little, too) and that the bride loves her some Kentucky bourbon. Oliver and his team did the rest, and the results were amazing. Two years later and friends and family still ask about that drink, which didn’t even have a name at the time.

In fact, all we really knew about it, other than the fact that it is delicious, was that it contained, per Oliver, “St-Germain, lavender, Maker’s Mark bourbon, cider” and that we went through a case of bourbon making them (there were about 100 people at this wedding; I am not the only one who loves her some Kentucky bourbon…).

Ahead of our first anniversary, we did a little cider + booze experimentation and came up with our best at-home, small batch approximation of our wedding cocktail. For our second anniversary, we’re making it again in what’s looking like a tradition. And I’m sharing it with all of you.


While the original description included lavender, I have never really hit the nail on the head with that part of the drink. Sometimes I add some dried culinary lavender to my cider spices when we’re making this, sometimes not. And remember when I told you there would be more things to do with it if you bought that bottle of St-Germain way back in the spring? I would never lie to you about a cocktail.

Oh, yes. Oh, yum. Hello, fall. Hello, my little lovebird.

Makes 1 cocktail


1 ounce St-Germain

3 ounces Maker’s Mark Kentucky bourbon

6 ounces warm, spiced apple cider

cinnamon stick (optional)

thin slice of tart apple (optional)


Measure and pour Saint-Germain elderflower liqueur into a goblet or low ball glass. Measure and pour bourbon into glass. Top up glass with warm cider, about 6 ounces/3 ladles worth.

Swizzle heartily, with a cinnamon stick if you have one, garnish with apple slice, if you want, and enjoy, preferably under the stars with someone you love very much.






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  1. October 6, 2012

    That drink sounds wonderful. I already finished that bottle of St. Germain. Guess I will have to buy another! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. ann permalink
    March 9, 2014

    can the drink be pre made for over 100 people and how many bottle of st geramain and gin/vodka/ or champagne do we need for that many people?

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