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Cooking the Book

The first spark of desire to reboot this blog came in late 2011 with the discovery of a cookbook. I had spent the better part of a year alternately searching for and whining about the lack of truly great cookbooks or Web sites featuring meals for just two people (yes, yes, I know, instead of whining and searching, I should have been working to make it happen here. And I’m sure my husband thinks so, too, but he also knows sometimes I have to work these things out for myself. And whine a little…). I even raised my voice in a bookshop when Mr. Kitchenette asked, rather pointedly, why I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by cookbooks and frowning at them (“Even the damn ‘newlywed’ cookbooks seldom have recipes for four! Or six!! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over??!?”).

But then I found one.

Bless you, editors at America’s Test Kitchen.

It’s actually one of three they’ve put out since 2009, one from each year (hence the subtitle, “The year’s best recipes cut down to size”).

Since I already have another cookbook born from the hard labor of America’s Test Kitchen, I knew I wasn’t just getting a great collection of recipes but also a ton of tips, cookware and gadget recommendations and the trial-and-error tale of how each recipe came about. Worth. Every. Penny.  I hadn’t had it in my hands for very long before I knew what I had to do in 2012: cook my way through this cookbook, blogging about what how the recipes turn out, what I learn about cooking (and shopping) for two along the way and how this experiment informs and changes the way I develop my own recipes for two.

I hope you’ll snag a copy and come with me.

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